Cruel Reminder

by Whistle Jacket

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Here's another song from Whistle Jacket's soon to be released Leaves.


Almost can hurt
More than anything in this world
Well, I know, yes I do
Because I almost had this girl
If I could go back
Well I’d be a better man for you
Oh yes, I would
I can’t do that
So I’m left with the things I didn’t do
Oh, I’m left without you
Oh, I would do anything
If there was anything I could do

It’s only fair
That I should be alone now
For I did not care
Enough then but, oh, if somehow
Every night is such a cruel, cruel reminder
Every day is such a cruel, cruel reminder
Every cold and lonely morning
Cruel, cruel reminder
Oh, every damn thing
Cruel, cruel reminder
Oh yes, it is and I admit
It’s all my fault. Yes it’s all my fault.
I’m not asking for you to forgive me.
All I’m saying is I’m sorry. I’m sorry girl.
The night she left I simply let her go
For I thought she’d come back
But I did not know
That almost was not enough for her
Now it’s all have
It’s such a cruel reminder


releases July 25, 2017
Performed by Isaiah Idaho (guitar), Andrew Leonard (bass), Michael Leyden (guitar, vocals), Ben Simon (drums, vocals), and Hannah Waxman (keyboard, vocals). Recorded by Dan Thorn at Boca Studios. Mastered by Jeff Lipton and Maria Rice at Peerless.



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