Knees and Thieves

by Whistle Jacket



This song uses lyrics from "Peace in the Valley" by Thomas A. Dorsey. In a 1977 interview, Dorsey spoke of writing “Peace in the Valley:” “It was just before Hitler sent his war chariots into Western Europe in the late 1930s. I was on a train going through southern Indiana and saw horses, cows and sheep all grazing together in this little valley. Everything seemed so peaceful. It made me question, “What’s the matter with mankind? Why can’t men live in peace?” Out of those thoughts came “Peace in the Valley.”


On the alleged counterfeit,
the portrait of a president
who killed as many as he could get.
The pavement under our cement.

Such varied human knees.
One pins a man who can't breathe.
Others kneel in solidarity.
Stolen lives, tell me who are the real thieves?

There will be peace in the valley
but not on the street
until the wolves are tame.
Say their names!

Police union's self-protection
upheld by court decisions.
Judges appointed by politicians.
American made murder weapons.


released October 8, 2020
Mostly recorded at home by Michael Leyden with Katherine Leyden on keys. Bass recorded by Dan Thorn at Pink Noise. Also mastered by Dan Thorn. Some lyrics taken from Peace in the Valley by Thomas A. Dorsey


all rights reserved


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